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Welcome to the GamerGate Wiki
This is a free and open encyclopedia, previously operated by, intended to document information concerning GamerGate, including its importance, findings, and goals. It can be edited by anyone!
Welcome back!

After a long time down or uneditable, the GamerGate Wiki is back in business. Just make an account (it's very simple) and you can edit it all you want. Don't be afraid to contribute just a little bit of information, because everything counts.

If you have information that isn't in an article, but aren't confortable editing the page, feel free to dump it in the page's talk page. Just keep in mind it might take a while to find it, as we're currently understaffed.

Should the need arise, the admin can be reached at: admin at thisisvideogames dot com
Major Events (Trying Not to be Outdated)
Clean-up Goal

Patricia Hernandez is a writer for Kotaku, who is infamous for her consistently low click bait articles.

Arthur Gies is a writer for Polygon.

Geordie Tait, Jonathan Holmes, and Jamin Warren are game journalists.