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Jonathan Ross
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Aliases Aerox47, Aerox
Occupation Video game journalist
Affiliations Destructoid, formerly

Jonathan Ross is a former writer for Destructoid who doxxed The Fine Young Capitalists. He was a writer for Destructoid from 17 December 2008 until 13 November 2013.[1][2] While at Destructoid he wrote reviews for numerous high profile games, including Starcraft II,[3] Diablo III,[4] and Torchlight II[5] These reviews were submitted to Metacritic, indicating that Ross's time spent writing for Destructoid was as a serious writer and critic.[6][7]

TFYC Doxxing

On 28 February 2014, Ross got involved in a twitter conflict between Zoe Quinn, Maya Kramer, and TFYC. Quinn and Kramer mistakenly believed that TFYC were asking women to work for free and also took offense to their policy regarding transgender people.[8][9][10][11] While this conversation was ongoing, Ross found Facebook posts from one of TFYC's partners and tweeted them publicly.[12] The person in question did not appear in any public information because he preferred to remain a silent partner.[13] Kramer retweeted one of Ross's tweets, leading to the misconception that she was the one who doxxed TFYC.[14][15][16][17]

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