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Matthew Hopkins News
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Owner Sam Smith
Editor-in-Chief Sam Smith
Boycotted? No

Matthew Hopkins News / The Witchfinder General is a Conservative blog. Matthew Hopkins is the pen name of Sam Smith, an activist and law student who has been praised in the UK Parliament for representing vulnerable women.[1] The blog focuses on exposing and attacking wrongdoers, with a special focus on UK law, the exposing of pedophiles, their 'enablers' (SJWs who support legalisation of underage sex) and other abusers.

Role in GamerGate

Matthew Hopkins News has relentlessly supported GamerGate with a mixture of overt hit pieces and legal threats[2] against opponents. His main focus has been his sustained attacks on the Atheism Plus Block Bot.

Depression Quest Review

Matthew Hopkins News first became involved in the controversy on 02/02/2015 with a review of Depression Quest, giving the game only 27% and provoking Zoe Quinn into changing her Twitter screen name to 'found witch'.[3]

Atheism Plus Block Bot

Matthew Hopkins News began its attacks on the Block Bot with a pair of videos. In the first, Hopkins notes the number of women and minorities added to the bot and legally harvests the block lists of GGAutoblocker, Blocktogether and The Block Bot using his bespoke 'Malleus Twitter' application.[4].

The second video focuses exclusively on the Atheism Plus Block Bot and exposes bizarre conduct by James Billingham the creator of the Block Bot, who despite condemning trolls boasted on his blog of trolling about 'kiddy porn[5].

On 16/03/2015 Hopkins revealed he had sent a letter of claim to the Block Bot (who had added his MHWitchfinder Twitter account to their blocked list, throwing the project into chaos.[6]

False Allegation of Harassment by Sarah Brown

On 24/04/2015 Hopkins revealed that he had been served a UK Police 'harassment notice' arising from an allegation by a Block Bot team member Sarah Brown / @AuntySarah but published a letter from Cambridgeshire Constabulary proving it had been rescinded after an investigation by the police revealed it was not harassment. The story was damaging for Brown, who had resigned in disgrace from the Block Bot project.[7]

Article History

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