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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Create a "MediaCritic" chart of various media/journalism websites, and list and score how well they follow the proposed ethics guideline below.


To Do

  • Organize categories from the guides above.
    • Add and remove categories as needed, related to gaming
  • Someone with good spreadsheet-fu should set up a page on Google Drive
    • Give a weight of 0 to 1 on each item
    • List reference articles from various sites for and against to give a score (i.e. 4 follows, 2 do not = 0.66 for that entry)
    • And a supplementary form page to allow people to submit to add, update or correct entries
  • Tally it up and give a score on how trustworthy, balanced and such that site is.


  • Do we list networks as one or separate? (i.e. Gawker as a whole, or separate into individual sites?)

Example format:
Issue For Against Result
Fact Checking [1] [1] [2] [3] 0.25
Error Corrections [1] [2] [1] 0.66
etc. etc.
Score out of 120 32.5




Freedom from bias