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NeoGAF is a gaming news site run by Tyler Malka aka EvilLore. It is also a video game discussion forum and related topics. Forum is infamous for having strict moderation.[1][2]

Role in Gamergate

How they View It

They see Gamergate as something of a mistake, mainly based on their paranoia, elitism, and what the media says. Plus, they believe the media's hype and backed, supported, and defended the honor and words of people, who will later betrayed them. [3] An example of this was when a social scientist, Rebecca HG (aka 8BitBecca), posted a lengthy explanation of media influence (As a rebuttle to Totalbiscuit's the media influence theory). [4][5] The scientist stated that there are those in the academics that loved video games, seeing a potential in them, working for years to make games a legitimate tool for education, study, and are making progress. But most importantly, for the main public to start taking games seriously and for academics to recognize games as an art form. Until, Gamergate happened, the work that the scientists were doing for a decade came crashing down.

Many in NeoGAF felt that they had the higher word overall and knew better, this was an easy weakness as more and more news and information came out. Which many many of its residents found themselves questioning tthemselves and their opinions, even questioning the motives behind those above them. A wave of censorship and silencing rocked the community, as its members worked tirelessly to avoid the reality of being in a losing battle. To many of them, its better to remove a huge portion of their community, than to take responsibility and the reality they are now facing.

To them, Gamergate's identity was something of a fad, something that they underestimated and though it would mean nothing in time. To them, they thought they could use the consumer revolt to promote their pride further and it ended up as becoming a great mistake.



After Zoe Quinn accused the Wizardchan user base of harassing her, NeoGAF banned users who defended Wizardchan.


  • On or around September 11, NeoGAF banned the account of The Fine Young Capitalists.
  • On October 8, 2014, Treemasterx was banned from the NeoGAF forums for asking opponents of the Gamergate investigation to justify their position. The ban message was "You are a poor fit for NeoGAF." Treemasterx's final post before being banned was:

What I mean is that there are people who want to make "Cool" Female Characters, but people like Anita Sarkisian want a character to fit into all their check boxes. Woman, Check. No boobs, check. Black, check. Strong, check.

Instead of filling all these checkboxes, just make an interesting or "Cool" Female Character. Someone who has a personality and someone who we care about.

On October 12, Boogie2988 was banned for discussing Gamergate.

Related controversies

In 2012, Malka gloated about having groped a woman and banned any users who publicly disapproved of his act.

On September 20, 2014, The Ralph Retort accused NeoGAF of selling user-generated content to Gawker and not sharing any of the profits with the user. NeoGAF denied receiving payment for the article.

In February 2015, Evilore removed another moderator from NeoGAF after an argument about whether or not it's transphobic to not be attracted to trans women. [6]


NeoGAF has a Steam curator/group:

NeoGAF Indie Games Curator:

The NeoGAF Indie Games is based on one of their gaming thread. But recommending what games you should buy.[7]


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