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Projects:Operation Baby Seal
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Type Mailing campaign
Owner None
Status Ongoing

Operation Baby Seal is a mailing campaign targeted at ad aggregate agencies used by Gawker and its subsidiaries. The goal of the mailing campaign is to present evidence of Gawker having violated these ad aggregate agencies' terms and conditions, including Sam Biddle's pro-bullying tweets, with the intent of getting them to cancel their contracts with Gawker.


To participate, file reports with Google Adsense, Amazon Associates Program, and Criteo informing them that Gawker and its subsidiaries (which include Valleywag, Defamer, Kotaku, Gizmodo, Jezebel, Lifehacker, Deadspin, Screamer, The Concourse, io9, Sploid, Jalopnik, Truck Yeah!, and Cink) are violating the guidelines for their advertising programs. Do not copy and paste everything, but instead create a personalized letter in your own style. To avoid politicizing the issue, don't mention GamerGate, as it has no effect on Gawker's misconduct. Include whatever links you feel are most relevant, along with the specific guideline they violate. Use the contact links and evidence provided below. Have a look at some of the example emails in case you need help.

Update (2/10/2015)

Every ad on Gawker is not (is this supposed to be now?) powered solely by Google Adsense (Proof). As a result, it is highly recommended that you prioritize sending reports to Google Adsense.


Policies and Contact

Amazon Affiliate Program


Google Adsense



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Nudity and Sex

Hate Speech and Discrimination

Promoting Violence

Copyright Infringement and Theft

Libel and Defamation

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