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Website https://forum.rpg.net/forum.php


RPG.Net is the oldest and largest independent roleplay on the internet, the site remains as an independent, open and free for tabletop roleplayers. Founded by Emma Antunes in 1996, the forum is now owned and run by Skotos Tech, an online game company.[1]


Rule 1 Be a good citizen of the forum. Trolling, edition warring, and otherwise sabotaging the peace of the board damages the quality of discussion and is not acceptable. Being "right" is not an excuse to engage in behaviour that degrades the RPGnet experience.[2]

Rule 2 Do not make attacks against other gamers. Challenging arguments and ideas is fine, but not attacking the people holding them. This includes attacks on an individual poster, or groups that any reasonable person would understand includes fellow RPGnetters. Gaming industry professionals are assumed to be users of the site for this purpose. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic posts will not be tolerated. Support of Gamergate, Stormfront, or any other hate group is not tolerated and will result in banning.

Rule 3 Your posts should contribute to discussion. Post in the appropriate forum. Do not post on current banned topics.

Rule 4 Do not post anything illegal under U.S. law, or encourage others to break U.S. laws or the laws of their country of residence.

Rule 5 Do not post or link to pornography or any form of inappropriate explicit sexual content.

Rule 6 Respect the privacy of your fellow gamers. Do not post e-mails or private messages without explicit written permission of all those involved. Do not use any posts or part of posts from these forums for commercial purposes without the express permission of each person involved.

Rule 7 Red text is reserved for use by the moderation staff. A member of staff posting in red text is posting as a moderator and their instructions must be followed. A member of staff posting in black text should be treated as an ordinary user in all respects. Do not impersonate the staff.

Rule 8 Do not share your account with anyone, as you will be held responsible for all posts made by your account. Do not impersonate other users, past or present.

Rule 9 Do not ask for medical, legal or other professional advice. Do not request emergency crisis counselling or solicit personal financial donations.

Rule 10 The staff moderates to the spirit of the rules and context at hand. Conforming to the rules to the letter is not a magic talisman against moderation if your posts are bad for the forum.

Extra Bit

RPG.Net has behavior rules, which Rule #1 covers, and they are not limited to the area of sexism, but the forum mods are devoting to extra scrutiny to what RPG.Net preceives as contribution to particular problems. [3][4] They include:

  • Threadjacking discussion from the female to the male experience of an issue.
  • Denying the experiences of female posters.
  • Demanding to be educated on the subject.
  • Concern trolling (Such as "But I'm concerned discussion of sexism will drown out discussion of the good things about GAME").
  • Accusing other posters of looking to be offended.
  • Accusing male posters of "White Knighting" or otherwise arguing against sexism solely for the approval of women.

Role in Gamergate

RPG.Net banned one of their users, Duo Maxell, who had linked to evidence of Zoe Quinn's supporters harassing people. [5]

On October 12, 2014, another user, orphan81, was banned for a month for joining Gamergate and making observations about the Anti-Gamergate side.[6]

On October 14, 2014, Holden, one of the RPG.net moderators, created a thread stating that advocating Gamergate is a ban worthy offense. In the same thread, Random Nerd (another moderator), compared talking to Gamergators as to "engaging with Holocaust apologetics." [7]

In one of the ongoring threads about Gamergate (Which ironically forbids Gamergate advocacy/support), one of the moderators, Killfalcon, accuses NotYourShield users and the very hashtag itself as literal "human shield" of Gamergate. Also, he justifies Will Wheaton's insults towards Not Your Shield users, which includes all minorites, LGTBQ, and women, who are pro-Gamergate. [8][9]

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