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Robin Arnott
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Aliases None
Occupation Developer
Affiliations Independent

Robin Arnott is an audio designer and game developer who developed Deep Sea, released in 2010, and SoundSelf, scheduled for 2014.[1][2] Both games focus mainly on audio, with Deep Sea being audio only and SoundSelf featuring audio accompanied by abstract visuals. He also did sound design for Antichamber.[3]


Between October 9–12, 2013, Robin Arnott was the Indiecade 2013 Night Games curator, which meant he was responsible for selecting games for the Night Games festival, an open air arcade.[4] Arnott chose Zoe Quinn's game Depression Quest for inclusion in this festival,[5] giving it valuable exposure as well as being an honor used as selling point for Depression Quest.[6] Arnott was on friendly terms with Quinn before the festival occurred:

  • Quinn helped Arnott promote SoundSelf's kickstarter on March 28, 2013.[7]
  • They discussed their brains "getting along" on 3 April 2013.[8]
  • On August 14, 2013, Quinn agreed to help Arnott set up a SoundSelf installation at Burning Man festival.[9]

All of this led to suspicion that Arnott's friendship with Quinn influenced him in selecting Depression Quest for Night Games.

Conflicts of Interest

  • Leigh Alexander of Gamasutra covered SoundSelf when it was an IGF finalist in February 2014[10] without disclosing any sort of relationship to Arnott, despite having had friendly twitter conversations as far back as one year prior,[11][12] and going out for drinks with him and Zoe Quinn less than one month afterwards.[13]
  • Griffin McElroy of Polygon covered SoundSelf's Kickstarter on March 8, 2013,[14] then did so again one month later on April 5, 2013[15] because Robin Arnott asked him to.[16] The two are also friends on Facebook.[17]
  • Chris Priestman of IndieStatik published six articles about Antichamber on one day, January 31, 2013.[18][19][20][21][22][23] He later wrote about SoundSelf two months later on March 8, 2013.[24] The two are also Facebook friends.[17]
  • Nathan Grayson mentioned Robin Arnott and his game SoundSelf six times in a three month period between March 31 and July 9, 2014,[25][26][27][28] including two conspicuous name drops in articles having nothing to do with Arnott or his game.[29][30] Based on Arnott's facebook profile, he's been friends with Grayson since as early as March 2013.[31]