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  • TFYC charity lack of recognition.

I suggest adding more paragraphs about The Fine Young Capitalists, Paul Hubans and maybe Devi Ever.

Warlock77 13:40 CET 22 March 2015


The part about Allistair Pinsof needs to be expanded:

Warlock77 13:41 CET 22 March 2015


  • Divinity: Original Sin artist writes Save the boob plate - "Also blackmails in the form of 'change your game art or we won't publish a single word about you.' is a common behavior found among those." Mirror

Steve Tom Sawyer from RevueLabs - Mirror

I'm not sure if anything in this list of tweets refers to blacklisting, but I'm putting it here just in case it's needed in the future.

Warlock77 - 09:58 CET 22 March 2015