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Type Social networking website

Twitter is a social network where users can post "tweets" up to 140-characters in length. Twitter utilizes "hashtags", which are words or phrases starting with the pound symbol (#). GamerGate was started when Adam Baldwin used the hashtag #GamerGate in reference to one of Internet Aristocrat's Quinnspiracy Theory videos. [1]

Twitter bans

  • On or before September 7, Twitter banned CameraLady for reporting on Gamergate.[2] As of September 22, the account has not been restored.
  • In October 1, @theLEOpirate was suspended for exposing Sarah Nyberg, therefore he and his alternate account, @le0pirate, has been banned. [3] Falsy reported by Izzy Galvez.
  • Early July, @ethicalsquid was suspended and banned for RTing a link to the sealion.cub. He created a new backup account, @pcgamersquid, which is shadowbanned. [4]
  • @seattle4truth was suspended for
  • @Base_Stitch's first account was suspended for making fun of Izzy Galvez. Later, he made fun of Leslie Jones when she came back to Twitter, he was suspended for "target harassment," because of this. Ironically, another user sent her hentai porn and was not suspended/banned. [7]
  • In late October, there were many reports of twitter users being spam reported by bots when they posted with the #gamergate tag.
  • July 19, 2016, Milo Yiannopoulos was permabanned from Twitter, because he gave a bad review of Ghostbusters 2016. Alleging that he led his followers to tweet racist and sexist tweets towards Leslie Jones. The #FreeMilo hashtag is trending nationwide on Twitter and Conservative supporters use the hashtag to argue that the suspension is an indication of Twitter's left-leaning double standard, others used the hashtag to troll. [8][9][10]
  • August 17, 2016 (circa), the Spanish artist and Hugo Awards nomine for Best Fan Artist, Kukuruyo, has been suspended for mysterious reasons, according to Twitter it was because his new header is pornographic. [11] [12]

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