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A Thank You List

ComicFag and DSA Art, comics and writing for supporting the cause.

DevGuy, AppleGreen and Team A full GamerGate flash game with christmas special.

Endomorphesis Tried to invest money for servers (Even though it failed)

The GamerGate Sings community For creating more than four albums of fun parodies and MVs.

Smegma and /sp/ as a whole General GET entertainer for preserving 8chan traditions

Terminal Apathy and "The Trolls" Twitter support and megaphones of news and digs in general.

DryBones and Thidran Safeguarding and #burgersandfries IRC channels.

That pokeball guy Short threads that helps.

That white haired guy 250+ words threads and anti-shill every single time.

/pone/ (/mlp/), /furry/ and /homestuck/ (/homosuck/) For supporting GamerGate and against the SJW majority.

Special thanks to RuPang, GamerGateFan and intothebleak for being HK

YouTube Video Credits List

LeoPirate, LoPing, ... (InternetAristocrat, MundaneMatt, KingOfPol)