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Psycho Robot
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Aliases @PsychoRobot
Occupation Weaponized autist
Affiliations Voices in my head

I'm the only one around who knows how to work a wiki. Good thing these dullards roped me in or they'd be fucked. I do autism proud and research my ass off. I made some GamerGate posters but I sorta got distracted into doing wiki things. I might more, or maybe I'll just keep writing articles and maintaining the wiki. I'm frequently annoyed by fellow GamerGate supporters' tendency to believe rumors without sufficient facts. I've been called a shill, which caused me great personal distress. After some soul searching, I figured out my detractors were just idiots.

Useful links for me to remember where they are and to maybe some day do something with

Personal To Do List

Add this to the list of links on my userpage

Okay. Berke Stavoy (talk) 07:15, 17 February 2015 (UTC)